Temple of Hamar

Temple of Hamar is a small structure located in the Roots of the Jotunheimr Mountains. It is a small two-level wood and thatch temple with a 12 foot Rune covered Menhir sitting in a pool infront of it. Surrounding it is a grove deemed sacred to Skadi, Frey, and Freya, and it stands a place of ancestor worship and is a center for all Blots that are held in Heidmark. A few other small structures are built on the outskirts of the area where visitors and guardians of the grove sleep and stay.

The leader of the Area is Seer Arnaulf.

The men who protect the temple grounds and grove are loyal to Arnaulf (or whichever Seer is the leader) They paint their bodies in shades of green and white and some of them wear simple wooden masks. they wear the bucking red horse of Hamar on their shields.

  • The heraldry of The Temple of Hamar is a Red Bucking Horse on a green and white field

Temple hamar co a

Temple of Hamar

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