A province in Northern Ostlandet that borders the Jotunheimer Mountains. It is rocky and mountainous to the North with many forests and small lakes that exist far up in elevation. The River Glomma runs through the county and can be followed all the way to the capital in the province of Akershus.

There are two major places of interest in this province.\

The County Capital is Hamarhus

The Temple of Hamar

Chief Dag of Heidmark rules over the province and has made Hamarhus his county capital.
He can summon about 200 swords who are sworn to him in case of war, and he has personally pledged himself to King Harald and has bent the knee and sworn on his armband to serve The Fairhair in his conquests.

The Heraldry Heidmark is: A Black Regal Eagle sitting atop Yggdrasil.

Heidmark co a

The Heraldry of Chief Dag is: Two White Hand-axes against a Black Background

Hede co a

The Heraldry of The Temple of Hamar is: A Red Bucking Horse on a Green and White Background

Temple hamar co a



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