Chief Dag

Dag Hede is the Chief of Heidmark.

Dag has the top of his head shaved, and small runes carved across the space, while the sides of his hair are knotted into braids. He is a young chief, being 22, and is known as a patient man by his men and his enemies. Although he is not a very godly man and appears very detached from religious custom, he does follow the yearly traditions and ceremonies that are expected of him. He is honest in his dealings but is very envious, and desires to be King. Chief Dag often has massive feasts, and his gluttony is known throughout all of Osltander.

Many men believe that he reached his position due to the scheming of his ambitious wife, Malmfrid. Dag Hede is considered to have a small fortune, however some speak that it was his wife that built it for him.

His Key Vassals are:

  • Chieftess Malmfrid, his wife.
  • His personal guard and the Marshall of his forces in War is his childhood friend Ingemar.
  • Anlauf is the religious leader in the province and the Chief Seer at the Temple of Hamar.

His personal coat of arms is Two White Hand-axes against a Black Background.

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Chief Dag

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