The Einherjar Live Again

Several Einherjar are selected from the field of battle outside of Valhalla and brought before the Asgardian Gods. Their wounds are magically healed and each of the heroes has the memories of their past lives restored while in the presence of their deities. However, not all of the Gods are present. Odin was missing in attendance and is remarked on by Thor to be non responsive. The Einherjar are then offered the golden apples of Idun to restore to them their lives on Midgard so that they may complete a quest for the Gods. They were to find their way to Mimir’s Well and ask for guidance from the dead God. Their first stop was to find someone on Midgard who could read the runes and point them in the right direction. Upon eating the divine apples, they are sent back to Midgard.

The Einherjar who were selected by the Gods are the Ranger Finwe, Thorki of Stavangar, Bjorn son of Fjord, Angkar the Berseker, and the Druid Eydis.

The party awoke buried naked in the snow. Upon digging themselves out they notice that they are in the remnants of a battlefield. They quickly searched the bodies that lay strewn about for clothes and supplies, finding an array of weapons and gear. They realized that their memories of Asgard and their time spent in Valhalla was beggining to slip away like dream. They could only remember scant details of the mission they were sent on.

They resolve to find a Seer who can read the runes and set out East.

After several hours of journeying they happen upon a Norse Party led by en old Greybeard on an old fjord horse. The emblems on the shields that the players took is the same as that of the party, which leads to an altercation in which the Norseman are killed and the party slightly wounded. 1 of the Norseman does get away while another is captured and taken as a prisoner.

The party paint their shield red with the blood of their enemies so that no more future problems arise from shield Emblems. They also cut the head off of one of the dead men and bring it with them.

The players then scavenged the bodies and set out back the way came as they are told by their captive that there is a temple in that direction, in which there may be a seer. They walk for 2 hours before finding a suitable location for make camp and rest overnight, tying their prisoner up to a tree.



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